It’s the start of the new financial year!

6th April 2018

It's the start of the new financial year today.
We will not be increasing our prices this year, however we have started using a different supplier for most of our parts, so our laptop screens for instance are slightly more expensive then before, but this supplier doesn't hide behind a daft ISO policy which most suppliers and manufacturers do, whereby you can get a faulty pixel, or three and it not be classed as defective. All our laptop screens are now guaranteed to be pixel fault free, or it won't be fitted.

Refurbished laptop ready to go..

27th March 2018

Refurbished Toshiba Satellite C850
15.6" LED Display
Intel Dual core processor @ 1.8GHz
USB 3 & USB 2
Optical drive
Windows 10
MS Office 2016
Battery runtime approx 2.5 hours dependant on use.

12 months warranty
Payments can be taken by card, bank transfer or cash.
Local delivery and setup included if needed.
Can post anywhere in the UK for £19.99

15th March 2018

Phone Scams!!

If you get a phone call from anyone, claiming your computer is broken, has errors or anything like that, then hang up or do what you want with them, but PLEASE, NEVER EVER give them access to your computer via a program that they will get you to download or give them your bank or card details.
I can't stress this enough, please share, especially if you have relatives that may not be so up on their technology.

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