Only open for web design!

30th March 2020

After much deliberation, I am now currently only available for web design.
We are only at the beginning of this virus and if I can cut down on deliveries in and out then I'm doing as much as I can.
Stay safe.

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Business changes due to Covid-19

17th March 2020

Morning everyone.
I'd like to give you an update for what changes I'm having to make to the business in these uncertain times.
As I'm in the "at risk" group I cannot continue as normal and have to socially isolate. So from today, the business is going to continue but with major changes with how we interact with each other.
1. There will be no face to face talks, everything will be arranged via phone/text/online messages.
2. All computers will be kept in quarantine for 4 days before they can be worked on.
3. All payments will be made either by bank transfer or card payment online. no payments in person will be available.
4. Drop offs and collections will be discussed with individuals for security reasons.
I have thought long and hard about my various options, hopefully these measures allow me to still serve my wonderful supportive customers.
Thank you, Nick.

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Sheep in Wolfs clothing….

12th March 2020

Having recently been perusing a well known online auction site, there are "new gaming" computers being advertised for very good money, but, the sellers have put very old tech in a new flashy gaming case. Although they will play some games, they way they are being advertised you'd think they'd be capable of playing the latest games, which they won't.
If you don't want to buy from us please check the specifications of what you're buying and don't be fooled by fancy ads and attractive prices.

new website-launch

New website, New Blog!

5th March 2020

This new website has taken me around 6 months to complete!! That’s a long time for such a simple site, especially when it only takes a couple of days for customer site to be done by us. It’s a case of being in done in spare time, which means a lot of stopping and starting and then finding the enthusiasm and creativity every time . So we’re now looking much fresher and cleaner. I hope to manage a post once a week, keeping you updated with what’s going on with us, tips and tricks and general tech news for those that don’t follow us on social media.