Whatever your choice, we have the know how!


If it’s repairable, we can fix it. All repairs are carried out by ourselves, apart from motherboard repairs which are carried out by a carefully selected partner but only with your consent.
We also offer data recovery from desktops, laptops, tablets and phones, so if you’ve accidently deleted something or the storage drive has gone, we should be able to make things good again.
We stopped hardware repairs to tablets and phones some time ago but do offer software and data recovery services for these devices.


Looking for another machine? We supply new and refurbished machines.
Our refurbished machines are refurbished by ourselves and come with a 6 months parts and labour warranty then continues with a lifetime labour only warranty.
New machines come with 1 years manufacturers warranty and then our lifetime labour only warranty.
Refurbished or New, all machines come with the latest operating systems and 12 months Microsoft Office.
Our lifetime labour only warranty even includes accidental damage!


Servicing isn’t just for cars!! An annual service looks for potential problems that can save a break down later down the line. Services include, full diagnostics check, anti virus/malware check, fans and vents cleaned out for one set fee.


Upgrading your machine, instead of replacing can be very worthwhile. With imporvements in technology, your old machine can be brought up to modern standards quite cheaply, so it is always worth looking at upgrade options before replacing, but if you do want a change, we can obvioulsy help with that also.